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For Immediate Release

February 9, 2005, Miramar, Florida . . . FLA Orthopedics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of orthopedic, sports medicine and bracing products is pleased to introduce its new...

HealWell® Soft Ease™
Multi-AFO/Heel Suspender

The occurrence of pressure ulcers is an escalating healthcare problem costing nearly $3.6 billion annually in the U.S. alone. With the number of patients affected by diabetes and obesity on the rise, finding economical, effective heel ulcers prevention is crucial.
HealWell Soft Ease Multi-AFO/Heel Suspender
The HealWell® Soft Ease™ Multi-AFO/Heel Suspender positions the foot with the heel completely suspended, eliminating pressure and preventing ulcers. The unique shape allows the heel to float in an air cavity with absolutely no contact. By suspending the heel, the Soft Ease™ promotes air circulation around the foot, aiding in the treatment and healing of existing ulcers. The resilient plastic shell base correctly positions the foot for treatment of foot drop and non-fixed ankle/foot contractures. It also maintains alignment of the foot with the lower leg, minimizing inversion and eversion of the foot.

Unlike other bulky foam products on the market, the HealWell® SoftEase™ is an economical, effective solution for heel ulcer prevention in any at-risk patient. The convenient replaceable/disposable cover helps maintain a hygienic environment, which is critical in ulcer management.

HealWell® Soft Ease™ features and benefits include:
  • Unique shape and resilient plastic shell base maintains a neutral foot position
  • Completely suspends the heel, protecting it from pressure and friction
  • Low bulk design allows for air circulation to prevent heel ulcers and improve healing of existing heel ulcers
  • Super soft material wicks moisture away to keep skin dry and reduces friction and shear
  • Integrated, padded toe post protects the toes from contact with bed linens to prevent skin breakdown
  • Fully adjustable straps accommodate edema (swelling) changes
  • Extra padding at sensitive Achilles area
  • Removable/washable one-piece cover and mesh laundry bag included
  • Replacement covers are available to maintain a fresh, hygienic product
  • Fits right or left
The HealWell® Soft Ease™ is packaged in a unique, triangular shaped box with high impact, shelf display-ready graphics. The box shape and size requires minimal space for easy stocking and handling. Each HealWell® Soft Ease™ is packaged with complete application and care instructions.

For more information, visit www.healwellinfo.com or contact FLA Orthopedics, Inc. toll-free at (800) 327-4110.

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